New advertising funding option for your E-shop

Nowadays, advertising for e-shops is a matter of course. However, many e-shops struggle with how much money to allocate to advertising and how to properly allocate operating costs in order to maintain a steady cash flow.

There is no universal recommendation on how much an e-shop should invest in advertising. Investment should always be based on the needs of the e-shop and its target audience. In general, e-shops targeting consumers invest more in advertising than those targeting retailers and businesses.

Although it is not possible to define the exact level of advertising investment for all types of products, it is possible to find information that can be used as a basis. You can read from various sources that an e-shop should invest at least 10% of its annual turnover. This investment should be divided among all forms of advertising, so that the e-shop should invest at least 2-3% in each form.

The aim of investing in advertising should be to increase visibility. Your e-shop needs to be visible wherever your potential customers are. So the more you invest in online marketing, the more your customers will remember you. When choosing online promotional channels, you need to consider not only the sale of goods, but also the long-term effect and result.

Don’t forget the content

Paid product advertising is not self-sustaining. In order for your e-shop to have a chance in the future, you also need to create valuable content. Content that will help your customers solve a specific problem or advise them in undecided situations. With such content, you will increase your e-shop’s credibility and brand awareness and better convince your customer to buy.

High brand awareness is very important for the future. Not only will more customers come back to you, but it will also make advertising significantly cheaper and increase your reach across all promotional channels. With every additional mention of your store, your organic reach also grows. The more organic reach you have, the more customers will come across you even without paid advertising.

Tanganica and Flowpay

To help our clients grow even more, we decided to offer to fund their credit with Tanganica. Often an e-shop needs to allocate more money to, for example, purchase new stock and then there are not enough funds left for other important investments such as online advertising and marketing.

By connecting with Flowpay, a Czech startup that provides operational funding for e-commerce, we were able to find an easy way to get more funding for everything your e-shop needs. You can use Flowpay’s funding not only to top up your credit, but also for the aforementioned stock, e-shop expansion and more.

Flowpay is a young Czech startup that focuses on providing fast and responsible financing to small and medium-sized businesses. It provides financing to clients through partner platforms such as Tanganica, as well as POS systems, payment gateways or e-commerce solutions. An entrepreneur using one of the partner platforms can easily arrange operational financing with Flowpay in minutes and without lengthy paperwork. Proprietary risk scoring models allow Flowpay to efficiently use transaction data from the platforms and automatically evaluate funding requests.

How can I apply for funding?

You can apply for funding in our administration in the credit top-up section, where you will find more information about the whole application process. We hope that the new funding option will provide you with another opportunity to grow your business quickly and make your finance and planning easier. We would also be very grateful for any feedback on these and other services that Tanganica provides.