Petra Tichá, the owner of, decided to make others happy and started making photo gifts. She first started selling through social networks, then moved to the online store. Her goal was to reach more customers who would be interested in her beautifully designed gifts.
What were the beginnings of her business and how is it doing today? What would she recommend to e-tailers who are just starting out with their business? Find out all this in the following interview.

How did you come up with the idea to start an e-shop with photo gifts?

At first I sold photo gifts through social networks, I had already created a group of regular customers who kept coming back to me. Every now and then someone from another city would find me. And slowly I started to toy with the idea that it would be nice to get my products beyond my hometown.

What was the hardest part of starting your business?

Learn everything! I’m self-taught, so I’ve watched a lot of videos, read articles about the technology used to transfer inks to print material. And by trial and error, she picked up on mistakes and was happy with every product she produced.

Do you make the beautiful designs that are on the gift items yourself?

Some of them do, but most of them I buy on the so-called global online marketplace, where you can buy a graphic, a design that you like.

Which photo gifts are most popular with customers?

Definitely pillows and cups. Customers can also add a dedication or a declaration of love to the photo.

Who is your target group?

Anyone who wants to make someone happy.

What plans do you have for your e-shop in the future?

I would be happy if my customers would like my photo gifts and come back to my shop.

How do paid ads help you grow your e-shop?

Very, because I am not familiar with online marketing, I put my trust in the hands of Tanganica and I am pleasantly surprised, the campaigns exceeded my expectations. I will definitely continue to work with Tanganica.

How do you rate the Tanganica marketing tool?

I like that the system is simple and clear for me as a user. I basically just top up my credit according to my financial capabilities and process the orders that the campaigns provide. In my account, I can see not only the total spend to the campaigns and how much revenue is generated from it, but also other tracked data.

What were the beginnings of the cooperation?

I came across Tanganica by chance on Facebook, where I read an article about a young marketing company from Jablonec. And that was a sign 😀 I needed to make my eshop more visible. I was worried that my small eshop would not be interesting for Tanganica. However, I arranged a personal meeting to have a briefing on how Tanganica works and what needed to be done on my part to get the campaigns running. Then I left it entirely in Tanganica’s hands. And it paid off!

Do you have any advice for aspiring e-shoppers?

Trust yourself, don’t be afraid, learn, take advice and go for it.

Petra, thank you very much for giving us this interview. We wish you every success, happy customers and may you continue to be satisfied with Tanganica.